Hey everyone, Im having a issue with my mc6000 so here goes..

I was playing one day on a 4 track setup with traktor pro 2, and all of the sudden channel 1 AND 4 both died..instantly

No sound at all...even tried hooking up an old turntable to analog and I still got nothing from either channel...

Sometimes sound would kick in for a second when the fader is completely up, then cut right out...

few weeks later, got back at it again. I got traktor up and running with 4 decks ..

everything was communicating with the software just fine, but channel 1 and 4 faders wont communicate with traktor...

I can hear sound out of them,(when the faders are down, or up) and the eq for both channels works just fine.. but the 2 faders either arent mapped correctly??.. or are just plain dead...??

Denon passed me along to some repair shops around southern ontario but I wanted to know for sure it wasnt something in the software (mapping, fader lock etc.)

any help would be great, I would very much appreciate it!!

thanks for your time,