Switching to controllerism?
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    Default Switching to controllerism?

    What's up DJTechTools (I think Ean said it in all videos :P)
    As far as i have seen this board seems very decent since I read alot of posts and the blog nearly every day. :-)
    Basically I'm currently just using CDJ's when playing out but still in some clubs only retarded equipment is provided here in germany (the DJM-500 or 600 and some CDJ-100/200 really suck for a club setup).
    Since my whole collection already is in the digital format I wanted to make more use of effects/tricks to make each performance unique and not just blending 2 songs together. I think the concepts Ean and Moldover put down the road are really nice I still wanted to do my own thing. It's always good to create your own stuff cause you learn how to use your gear properly in the course of learning and fine tuning of the settings...

    Because of this simple fact I wanted to create my own controller. I've seen some pretty nice concepts about integration of touchscreens into the controller so I came up with a few ideas (that I just wanted to share and get some feedback on!)

    The center of the controller should be some Touchscreen interface for track loading / song searching / looping / launching and managing of fx / cuepoint adjusting / sampling and maybe some x/y pads for advanced fx-control!
    We've seen some nice cheap touchpads that are powered by usb. So I would need to code some simple interface for the touchscreen that runs on the "second screen". Basically this program may convert some HID input from the other haptic controls to MIDI and even send it over ethernet (or an OSC mode maybe...) to control multiple programs (traktor/ableton) and even laptops from one piece of gear! On top of that it should safely sit on any technics turntable ;-)
    The basic goal would be to have some unique interface that makes it obsolete to look at the laptop, install a soundcard (cause it should be already integrated which seems kinda easy with the new audio2dj) and have some nice performance functions for effects and some ean style cue point juggles ;-)
    The touchscreen and buttons should adjust their functions to some layers that are switchable with some buttons on the top, too (like they are on the lemur) which would give the user much much more possibilities! On top of that it may be possible to create some modular VST or VSTi (if Traktor finally supports it) to create some nice modular fx-system that are already common in the vj scene.

    Dunno if the unit/software should send the midi clock to multiple programs or if traktor should do the job though...

    Just wanted to share my idea and see if you think this may be practical or if I should stick with CDJ's...

    Best regards, Koin

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    hi koin!

    nice concept..looking forward to this one...as far as vst/i - this doesnīt work with traktor, iīm not quite sure if it belongs to their concept; implementing vst support for traktor.

    so you will be left to:

    -mixvibes producer (doesnīt support most vstīs properly)

    -torq (vst support doesnīt seem to work properly, too)

    -quadscratch or touchDVS (supports most vstīs properly without any issues)

    -deckadance (think it supports vstīs but i never tested it)



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    Well maybe I didn't make it clear - the thingy should just send MIDI/OSC and may control an VST/VSTi if traktor finally supports it as a subfeature!
    At least, that was my plan...

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    ..i donīt think that will happen with traktor!

    maybe you should hope for the serato/ableton combo

    btw. i would love to see traktor support vstīs that would be awsome!

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