Hi there, first post here

Maybe this question has been made countless times, but it's driving me crazy

I play electronic music in the vein of Raster noton stuff, but I like to play, and compose, improvising .. it's fun, so some time ago I added TP to my setup, that is :

- Ableton Live controlled by Apc40 midi-synced to TP
- Maschine inside Live
- TP that sends its 4 outputs to 4 tracks in Live
- Self built monome 128 to control TP with a Max/msp patch

the problem is that I would like to add the jogs, for classical Djing and have a better and more precise way to control FXs .. I'd like to have a visual reference to the deck that's playing .. be it vinyl or pretty lights

This is for studio use, and mostly to play my music and/or sample stuff on the fly with the remix decks

so the question, what to buy :

1) a controller with lights on jogs ( like the ddj ergo K that seems to be more "serious" than the white version and I found for a nice price)
2) a timecode setup without dj mixer ... so a NI Audio 8 + 2 turntables (something in the price range of Reloops Rp-2000 or 4000 ) .. the Apc40 ( I'm thinking of add an Apc20 to it) will do the mixer job controlling the relative tracks in live ...

I can throw in an X1 in the second case, and for sure i'll add a F1 for remix decks in both cases ...

I threw in the timecode option for no particular reason, I don't need scratching ... maybe just for the fact that I like the idea and that I can use them to sample from my collection of vinyls ... but if the control is better than a midi controller will be a no brainer ...

Excuse my english and thx

What do you think ?