Building a custom flightcase
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    Default Building a custom flightcase

    Hey DJTT, i'm looking into building a custom flight case and need a little advice. I'm aiming for a coffin style. I need to fit 2 stanton t.62 turntables, my audio 8, my VCI 100, and a korg nano pad. Also if possible I'd love to be able to store my mac mini and external hd in the casing somewhere as well. What would be your advice for setting that all up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdej47 View Post
    What would be your advice for setting that all up?
    Bulk up. Thats gonna be one heavy flight case.

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    Yeah you may want to build two different cases and figure out a way to link them up when you are gigging. Kind of like a hardcore version of this.
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