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    Quote Originally Posted by nem0nic View Post
    OK that changes things quite a bit. If these aren't connected via audio and only plugged into power, and you're still getting that sound - but only at your house - then it may very well be an RFI issue. But I've never heard of such a nasty case as yours. Do you have any transmitters close to the speakers? Does the chatter correspond to data transfer for example? Do you have a MiFi in your house, or wireless speaker system?
    No to all of these - I do have a wireless audio transmitter & wireless router relatively close (about 10 feet or so) but even when these are completely unplugged it doesn't change the sound, including the chatter.

    [QUOTE=nem0nic;556901]Also, to eliminate the possibility of your ground being corrupted, have you tried the 3 to 2 adapter on a single speaker's power cord?[/QUOTE\

    Actually this was one of the first things I tried.

    Quote Originally Posted by antifmradio View Post
    would you believe i spent 4 years trying to find out where this same noise was coming from in my home dj setup

    and when my monitor died, so did the noise?!!

    i was from the monitor attached to my desktop..

    point im making is,
    You can try removing one dj piece at a time but yuo can also try actually unplugging things from yuor computer

    in my case i needed to detach the monitor
    in your case, you can also try removing anything else connected to your laptop (external, change the power strip) dude really
    i mean ANYTHING is game
    I don't have the speaker connected to any audio connection. Also the sound remains after unplugging everything else in the room/house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruiser Smith View Post
    I don't have the speaker connected to any audio connection.
    uhh ok so this is ONLY when you have it powered via the plug in the wall correct?

    If so, then the problem is your plug.
    Somewhere in the line of how the power is routed to that particular (or even many) outlets in your house,
    there is an improper ground or something is not grounded (IE one of the other outlets the power passes through before it reaches that outlet.

    I know this is going to sound crazy but one thing i know is Electricity
    i have spent the past year rewiring my own new home.

    Take that speaker, and goto a friends house (seriously yes, i just said that)
    bring the speaker with you and plug it in.

    If you are in an apartment complex, dont use the same building
    go to another building.

    See if you get the same.

    If you do, your problem is the speaker itself.
    There are capacitors built into it. Even though its new, it can have a faulty one built in
    and it will give you that same sound.

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