My Mixes (Techno, Tech-House, Deep-House) objective criticism required!
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    Default My Mixes (Techno, Tech-House, Deep-House) objective criticism required!

    Hey guys, Im new here and I hope to get some objective criticism from you!

    About me:
    Im from Germany and "work" as a DJ since 2 years. I prefer to perform with Laptop and Midi-Controller, but i also like to play with Vinyl and CD. My favorite genre is Techno/Tech-House as by the artists like Florian Meindl, Boris Brejcha etc. I also play "Dark-Techno" like Adam Beyer and Niereich, but i never gotten a honest opinion and hope you guys here can tell me what you think about it. All performed with Traktor Pro 2.5 and Traktor Kontrol S4.

    Here is my Soundcloud Page:

    Especially this mix:

    Feel free to play it, and maybe download it.

    1. Adam Beyer - Be Quiet (Original Mix)
    2. Adam Beyer & Joseph Capriati - Congenial Endeavor (Original Mix)
    3. Drumcell & Brian Sanhaji - Split (Original Mix)
    4. Mr Bizz - Underline (Original Mix)
    5. Slam - Stepback (Adam Beyer And Jesper Dahlback Remix)
    6. Sin Sin - Frozen Feedback (Original Mix)
    7. Sasha Carassi - Moka Xpress (Rino Cerrone Remix)
    8. Sasha Carassi - Diagramma (Original Mix)
    Ohh and sorry for my bad english, I hope the most of text was correct written.

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