Track not uploading on soundcloud?
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    Default Track not uploading on soundcloud?

    My uploaded track keeps on being taken down @ soundcloud due to copyright or something.

    Usually I would leave 3-4 seconds of no audio before the track started, and I've had no problems with getting tracks uploaded through soundcloud this way.

    However, I have been working on a mashup in ableton, and IN ableton, I've made a whole bar with no audio in the beginning, so the track would start off silent for 4 counts then begin, this way I can avoid the copyright situation.

    BUT, when I export my audio, the beginning bar of silence is gone, the track starts right away, why is this? In ableton, there's 4 counts of no audio before the track actually begins, but when I export it, the track starts right away.


    I managed to make it work, but I had to select the whole audio clip and export it, instead of just simply exporting it.
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