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    Default Help with purchase.

    Hey every so here it is...
    Basically I use to be a bedroom dj did the odd gig at couple bars n stuff I have 2 cdj 800s and behringer Djx800 or what ever it is the crappy one that's a copy of the djm.
    I got given a technics turntable not long ago so I wouldn't mind starting to learn to scratch.

    I left home and I've been traveling for a couple years and just got home and the cheap mixer is had it no suprise all te channels are leaking into each other...
    So here's my question.

    I've been looking hard and I want to go digital and get something that I can run thru my macbook computer but also would like a stand alone mixer that i can run my cdjs thru.

    I looked at the ns7 and it looks awsome but it's abit out of my price range and kind of a waste of my cdjs and it's been out for a long time now and it looks like they will be bringing out something new soon.

    I also looked at the n4 and ns6 as they are a lot cheaper but they kinda seem not that great I also looked at the Allen and Heath xone dx but that also can't be used as a stand alone mixer.
    Its just if I'm not there with my laptop and other people want to play around they can an I also still like useing my cdjs.

    So what I'm asking is there any others I'm missing out And what do u guys reckon should I just buy a cheapish mixer like a djm 400 n just start useing that and buy something cheap like torq?
    Moneys Abit of an issue and I no u get what you pay for it just seems like everything has something I want but they are all sort of missing other things. Cheers heaps.

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    Maybe search for Xone 4D on ebay. You could get one for 600$ with luck.

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