CrossFit fitness competition DJing
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    Default CrossFit fitness competition DJing

    Hi guys!

    So I've been asked to DJ at a CrossFit competition. For those of you who are unfamiliar with that sport (like myself) it's a specialized strength fitness program with short and extremely intense workouts. Not sure if that fully describes it though...

    anyway the idea behind me playing there is to pump out music to raise motivation and hopefully get better results of the competitors. The organizers want me to play Electro House, something aggressive with enough bang. Now I'm familiar with the genre and all but it's still kind of an experiment whether or not my music will have the desired effect

    What I wanted to hear from you guys is what you are listening to when you are pumping iron ^^ I'm not a big gym guy. I was thinking of tracks like this one by John Dahlback:

    and stuff like that

    the tracks should have buildups, nasty drops, banging kicks and some catchy synths in my opinion. Now I'm currently gathering ideas for my set and it would be extremely helpful to hear your suggestions and opinions on that

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    Id think its mandatory that you play ''eye of the tiger'' at least once!

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    Just play a David Guetta CD?

    Nah in all seriousness, I would suggest heavy hitting tracks and keep breakdowns to a minimum.

    lots of drops, vocals and beats.

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