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    Hi Guys.

    I want to label my controllers so i know what each button/know does. What can i use? i have a Oxygen 8 v.2 Silver and a black BCR2000. Currently the bcr is labeled with yellow paper and some cellotape haha, looks pretty tacky! How do you guys label yours and what do you use?Pictures would be great!

    Thanks Daniel

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    the keys on the oxygen 8 could be labeled with a black/silver sharpie :P

    not sure how much space you have on the bcr, but you could use a fine tip sharpie (the really narrow ones) to pen in the controls. may be kind of hard to see though? not sure. / /
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    If you want to make things neat, buy some labels from an office supply store. I know Avery makes a large assortment of sizes (if you don't find anything small enough for your needs you can always just trim down what you buy). You can then use MS Word, which has Avery label templates available, to type out what you want. Change up fonts and background colors to get the look you're after. They even make some labels that are easier to peel off in case you make frequent changes.

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    I use my girlfriends Dymo Letra Tag from work.. It prints in black on clear tape or coloured tape and puts neat borders round all the labels.

    Works great.

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