Some of my mixes, any feedback??
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    Default Some of my mixes, any feedback??

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    Listening now... will post some comments. Keep in mind I know nothing and am just a professional listener Here are some just initial feedback:

    Good intro - first mix @ 1:30 good drop

    gater/rapid fade effect @ 2:00 minutes not necessary - let the track do the work

    @ 3:15 would have liked to see more blend between outgoing track and new track

    FX + Mix @ 4:30-4:40 was SICKKKK (well done)

    @7:45 - 9:00 - is that synth lead a part of the song or is it from another track? Feels slightly off key.

    10:08 - mix was forced - definitely find a way to make big transitions more smooth

    I liked the FX @ 11:30 - felt very appropriate during that lead synth

    Mix @ 12:00 perfect
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