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    Hey guys,

    I made the way over to digital DJing at the start of this year. I've had a few issues, but generally been able to get over them through looking at forums and topics already posted.

    But I think I got something that's completely stumped me. I currently have all my music loaded on a External Hard Drive, with the intention of keeping my Mac as clear as possible.

    I recently bought mixed in key, and have tried to update the appropriate information but have hit a brick wall. Essentially Traktor won't let me consistency check, so I can't update key/ comment section in the tracklists. When I right click it only comes up with refresh, import to collections, import to playlist and save as webpage.

    My question is this; how do I point traktor's consistency check in the right direction?

    tl,dr; traktor won't consistency check my external hd. How do I point it the consistency check in the right direction?

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    Have you tried clicking your fingers and saying A? that fixes everything for the fonze

    When you start the consistency check doesn't it ask you to relocate them?

    I just had a try, the right click consistency check only works from the top of the folder tree, then it did pop up a window I could relocate etc with, is that whats not working?
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    Yeah, I think that's it. The top tree, on my internal HD, offers the option of consistency checking for the usual samples that come with Traktor, then the I-Tunes etc, only have the 3/4 options.

    Perhaps there's a way to transfer the information onto one of the top tree, without transferring 45gigs of music?


    P.S. I miss Jukeboxes, I can't bring myself to hit my Mac when it misbehaves.

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    you need to import your tracks to Traktor....... right now they are just on your HD.

    select all

    import to collection

    then go to Track Collection tree

    the songs you imported are there

    then you can do what you need to do.

    btw when you import it doesnt copy the files to traktor.... just the info of the track. it might take a while but it's not the whole file.

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