Midi Fighter Pro or Quneo?
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    Default Midi Fighter Pro or Quneo?

    Hey guys! I'm new to the DJ Tech Tools forum, and I've got a question. I really want to get into learning finger drumming and I'm having a hard time deciding on which controller is really best for that. I've got it pretty much narrowed to either Quneo or the Midi Fighter Pro. Has anyone on here got experience with finger drumming on the Quneo, and if so, how does it work. It seems like the Midi Fighters would have incredibly responsive buttons, but I'm not sure which one to get. If anyone has experience with one, or both, and could help me out, that'd be awesome! Thanks!

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    the software you use might help you decide, but be it ableton or traktor, I would recommend the Quneo. It's a phenomenal piece of equipment. be warned: it does have a rather steep learning curve for a controller, but when you start figuring it out, you can make it do anything. it's the most intricate controller I have ever encountered. also remember that Midi fighters are not velocity sensitive. Quneo pads are, and are all basically XY pad as well. the quneo pads feel a bit stiff but do respond extremely well. they are very sensitive. So go with that.

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    the quneo is pretty awesome. but the support from KMI is awful. to the point where they will down right insult you in the forum for asking a question. its a great piece of hardware but the software development behind it is horrible. if your using it for ableton, and dont want to use the factory ableton preset that comes with it, you will need to understand writing python midi remote scripts in order to get the led feedback and all the buttons to do what you want them to do. after buying this i think im going for a midi fighter. i understand the buttons dont have as much dynamic as in x/y,velocity, and such but the programming behind midi fighters is great and the customer service is top notch. i also have a maschine so i have another option in my gear for velocity control on pads. if you ask me, even though the quneo has the most advanced pads on the market, the 3d motion mapping of the MF3D is beyond awesome. sorry for the long response, if you want the quneo be prepared for lots of learning in midi editing and script programming and be prepared to wait for updates and support from KMI, seems they are more interested with quickly making controllers for kickstarter projects (qunexus) rather then making what they already have solid. if you just want to open a box plug in and start rocking away, id go with the MIDIFIGHTER

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    F1 or the Maschine by a long way.

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