Weird problem with autogain and loading tracks into Traktor
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    Default Weird problem with autogain and loading tracks into Traktor

    So here's my problem. Ill load a track once and the auto gain doesnt do anything (I already know that in Traktor 2.6 you have to click the little blue button under the autogain and it tells you how many db its adding or subtracting so thats not it). So I load it a second time and then it says the file is missing or corrupt. I try loading a third time and then auto gain works. Any one have an explanation for this or might know how to fix it?

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    I would call NI on that one.
    You can try taking your current collection file out of the 2.6 folder. Don't delete it until you see if this works. Then go into your collection back up folder and get the newest backup. Rename it to match the 2.6 collection file name and put it in the 2.6 folder and give it a try.
    I had some similar trouble with 2.6, called NI and this was the solution. Think the collection file had become corrupted.

    It wouldn't hurt to try it as you can always move the old file back. You can also try an older back up file, but will lose anything you have done since the back up was made.

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