Two months ago I have released my debut album on CD and Digital by myself. This is more like a hobby idea to see how it gonna workout without label involved.

I also decided to release it on CD. I hope there are still people who enjoy buying music on physical media

It was fun process to be involved from making the music. Send audio to mastering studio, find artists who take photos as hobby and design cover then video. Try to reach all media for promotion. Its really hard but as mentioned before fun process. After two months I have to say its damn hard

I am selling it by bancamp right now. I am going to try to reach some digital distributor, if you know good one please let me know.

Anyway I hope you will enjoy the music and if you think its worth for sharing with your friends it would be great to reach more listeners.

CD and digital: http://drogtech.bandcamp.com/album/ordinary-life

video preview:


1. Into the light 3:39
2. On the edge 9:39
3. Existence 3:07
4. Fearless 6:37
5. Winterly 3:13
6. Shades 5:30
7. The room 4:59
8. Either way 5:40
9. Morning breath 5:33
10. Behind the window 5:02
11. Sunday evening 6:06
12. Away from here 3:23