Which way to go with the gear in mind.
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    Default Which way to go with the gear in mind.

    Good day to everyone;

    I have some debate with certain I want to put together for a room at home. So far I got the Traktor F1 DJ Controller a second KRK Rokit 5 and the Audio 6 for my sound card, already in my scope and ready to make the purchase.

    Im debating on the mixer for this setup, I was thinking the Berinhger DDM 400. I heard good things about it, but is it really easy to map it to Traktor. What CDJs are recommended. For software, the Traktor Pro comes with the F1 and Im also planning to upgrade to Ableton Suite, so for software Im covered.

    Since Im a beginner, Im trying to hurt my finances. Once I get the control of it, then I can go for more pro stuff.

    Any advice ?

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    Couple questions:

    When you say 'what CDJs are recommended' do you mean, specifically? What will you be using them for? You're using the Traktor F1, are you going to be using them in HID mode with Traktor, or for DVS?

    Are you just going to use the DDM400 for midi control? Or are you going to use it as an anaogue mixer as well?
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