UK Buyer from DJTT, procedure if there is an issue?
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    Default UK Buyer from DJTT, procedure if there is an issue?

    I am looking to buy an S2 from the DJTT store, and get it shipped to the UK.

    However, if I come across a problem or a fault with the Hardware, how would I go about getting it sorted? Would I have to pay large amounts to get it shipped back to the US?

    I am sure it will be fine, but just looking at any issues that may occur, as apart from some chroma caps, I have never bought from the US before. Economy delivery, what is the average time to UK also?

    (If this is in the wrong place feel free to move or delete)

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    you should probably direct this question to support. there is also a chat feature in the store during certain hours where someone will answer your questions.
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    If i were you I would buy your S2, from somewhere in the UK for 2 reasons.

    You wont have to worry about importing duties, and if you do have any problems you will receive support much quicker.
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    Yeah. You're probably going to spend more on tax and shipping than you would probably save on buying it from the states. It's a very expensive way of buying anything.

    Can I ask, is there a reason you would rather buy it from the states than from somewhere here in Blighty?

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    Yeah I'm buying from local now as I have found a dj shop which isn't too far away.

    and the main reason for importing was it ended up being pretty much exactly the same price 390, but came with extras. Can't resist bright colours so will end up buying a set of chroma caps anyway.

    Cheers for helping me see sense over a free pack of coloured knobs

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