hey guys i need help mapping crossfader on DJM-t1
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    Default hey guys i need help mapping crossfader on DJM-t1

    hey guys i just updated my djm-t1 firmware and tsi to the latest update for it to work with traktor 2.6.

    the problem im having is that when mixing internally in traktor using the djm-t1 as a controller. traktor doesnt recognize when my crossfader is all the way open in the software it only opens 3/4 of the way for both sides. is there a way i could make traktor learn the position of the physical fader? any help would be appreciated.

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    At least with the S4 in the preferences there is a recalibrate setting at the bottom of the list labeled Traktor Kontrol S4. Maybe there is something like that for DJM-T1? I would assume this would reset the the xfader.

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