Vestax vci-400 firmware upgrade to vci 400 se
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    Default Vestax vci-400 firmware upgrade to vci 400 se

    Is there any chance to buy or get the ean golden edition firmware to upgrade a regular vci-400 ?

    Please put it on the online shop, normal vci-400's ownern desperately need it !!!!!

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    Posted in the Stickied Mapping Thread ( by FlashFlooder

    "if you still really want this, submit a support ticket here asking to send in your regular VCI-400 to have us update the firmware to the VCI-400SE model. i have done this successfully so far for one customer. i'd have to look up what i charged him to do the work. i think it was about $50 plus the cost of shipping to and from out office. you can mention that flashflooder said he would do it on the forum so our support team knows to send it to me immediatley. "
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    Is this option still available? Or is there now a new way to update a stander 400 to a 400SE?

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