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I just got the same problem, please tell me how to solve it...
I am looking for a similar solution. Only, my VCI 400 unit is not stuck in boot loader mode. It is unable to get into boot loader mode. The reason this all happened is, I attempted to upgrade to the recent Vestax firmware, and it seemed to cause a conflict with the existing firmware. So now, I'm attempting to restore to factory settings, yet, I cannot get into boot loader mode in order to do this. I have contacted Vestax, DJTT, and Flashflooder, and await a response. If I find out a solution, I'll be sure to follow up to this thread.

When I press "get Version": there is no reply
When I press "Start": ERROR ACK is not found

Vestax Support, Reset to Factory Default: http://help.vestax.co.jp/en/detail.p...d_page_url=413
DJTT Potential solution: http://forum.djtechtools.com/showthr...=48174&page=25
Related Topic: https://techtools.zendesk.com/entrie...ootloader-Mode