Torq 1.5.2 is now available for all Torq 1.5 and 1.5.1 users!

Existing Torq 1.5 or 1.5.1 users should uninstall Torq 1.5 before installing Torq 1.5.2.
OS X users should drag the Torq application to the trash.
It is NOT necessary to delete Torq’s preferences.
Current Torq 1.5 or 1.5.1 users will NOT need to re-enter their serial number.

If you do not yet own Torq 1.5, please see this article for information on obtaining a Torq 1.5 serial number.

Note: Torq Conectiv or Torq Xponent hardware is required. The Torq 1.5.2 update only applies to Torq software. It does not apply to Torq LE.

Torq 1.5.2 for Mac OS X

Torq 1.5.2 for Windows

Fixes and Enhancements:

- Fixed: Crashing upon canceling analysis of some mp3s.
- Fixed: Crashing related to iPod playlists in browser.
- Fixed: Issue with Elastique playback dropping out under intense manipulation.
- Fixed: Wave files under one second in length crashing Torq in some circumstances.
- Fixed: Certain quick scratch samples cause interruptions in audio when loading to deck.
- Improved: Decks will re-sync more quickly after a deck that is the global tempo master is manipulated.
- Update: Improved sync behavior under Amputate mode.
- Update: Better handling of track adjustments made from -90% to -100%.
- Fixed: clicking Quick Cue Set then shift clicking a quick cue will cause Quick Cues to behave incorrectly.

- Improved handling of poor quality and corrupt Mp3 playback in absolute/external mode.
- Output no longer buzzes when stopping playback of Preview after playback under Rewire.
- Filter will no longer zip/squelch when turned off, moved and turned back on.
- Fixed: Flam on transients when scratching in amputate mode under Elastique playback.

- Key Semitone +/- lights on Xponent will now light up if moved away from +/- 0
- Update: VST handling/ VST GUI compatibility.
- Deleted playlist tracks no longer re-appear when re-organized by column.
- Track selection focus now persists while resorting by column in database.
- Shift clicking the Xponent Tempo Slider now resets GUI elements.

Behavior changes/Feature improvements
- All One Shot samples now play back as a 1 measure loop when synced.
- Load Track on Deck A/B now assignable via ASCII Key and MIDI
- Added font preference in behavior tab (Expands language support).
- Updated audio decoding library (error handling).