Sound card/Monitor lagging HELP! :cursing:
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    Default Sound card/Monitor lagging HELP! :cursing:

    Hi everyone,

    So i'm not sure how fixable an issue this is but i'm tired of trying to solve it on my own. about a week ago i finally picked up a 5.1 sound card for my laptop and traktor pro 2 with the intent to just use it as a monitor. the card i bought was horribly cheap (SB) and hardly meant for djing but after like 3-4 hours of trial and error i was finally able to get it working by using ASIO4ALL only to discover it lags behind the master output .... does anyone know why this happens? the audio device I'm using for master is my native hdmi port but shouldn't it have the same latency as sound blaster if its all under asio?

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    If you are using windows, make sure you have optimized your computer for running audio-software.
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    I mean this in the nicest way possible: Save up and get yourself a decent djing soundcard. The amount of time you will waste trying to get that setup to work properly will just not be worth it.

    I did the same sort of thing when I started djing (But i was running both outputs out of the same soundcard) and it was a nightmare. Ended up buying an MC6000 in the end, much easier.

    A traktor Audio 2 would be your best bet, cheap, reliable and loud soundcard for less than 100! And you get a full version of Traktor Pro 2.

    The other workaround would be to try and output both headphones and master signal through the 5.1 soundcard. At least then they should be in time with each other!
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