What's with Virtual DJ (Pro) hate?
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    Default What's with Virtual DJ (Pro) hate?

    I've been DJing for about a year and a half (although new on here) and I use VDJ Pro. I've played around in Traktor, not so much with Serato, but I find them to be less user-friendly and find that I work faster and more effectively in VDJ Pro.

    However, I've noticed that VDJ is less-common and there are a lot of people with stanky opinions on the software. I hear all the time: "VDJ? Nah, I'm a real DJ, I use Traktor/Serato." I realize everyone is entitled to their opinion, but OBJECTIVELY, am I missing something?

    Input appreciated

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    Expect snobbery. Use what you like using, there are no fixed rules and don't get influenced by the herd mentality.
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    You're not missing anything, mate. You've found something that works for you and you should stick with it.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
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    Personally I prefer VDJ over Traktor too. However, it is soooooo expensive to get the Pro software, whereas Traktor is relatively cheap (all you need to buy is an Audio 2 at around 70, or the Timecode Pack for around the same price).

    The thing I probably liked most about VDJ is that the tracks are overlayed, so its easier for me too see how things line up.

    That said, I would much prefer to bin all software anyway, and mix mp3's and stuff with proper CDJ's. But, until I can afford to get 2000's, I guess I'm stuck with Traktor
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    wish they'd hurry up and release VDJ8.. 7.3 was a sham and the only good thing that came of it was the parametric eq... but all atomix will say is that the eq and indeed the sound engine in VDJ8 is still better having heard DJDecks in action I don't doubt it... but grrr! over a year is a long ass time to wait without any projected release date. /rant

    VDJ7 is still pretty awesome if your into customising but again VDJ8 will apparently kick every other software's butt in everything but aesthetics.
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