Hey guys. Been using Numark mixtrack pro, and intro controller with VDJ Pro. I'm looking to begin incorporating more and more effects, samples, maybe even cords, so I want another piece of equipment for this. I'm also very attracted to making my own beats, or using a beatpad in the background while playing a song.

I picked up a new MPD18 for $72 yesterday and I'm about to take it back. I downloaded FL Studio 10, and the 30day Ableton Live trial, and messed around with the MPD18 in VDJ Pro for a while. All I want to do is take my own mp3 samples and map 16 of them to the 16 pads and be able to drop the samples into a song. If I bought the wrong device, then so be it, I'll take it back tomorrow. Maybe I should be using a Novation Launchpad?

Maybe I'm missing something, but Ableton seemed very non-intuitive as opposed to my VDJ Pro software, same story with FL Studio 10. Any advice at all is appreciated. Thanks!