wat is the best 4 channel mixer??
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    Default wat is the best 4 channel mixer??

    ok so im getting 2 eks otus, and was planning on using and old 2 channel mixer i discoverd hidding in the corner of my brothers bedroom only to find out last night that it doesnt work anymore.
    so im now thinking of just going for it and digging out a bit more money and getting a good 4 channel mixer so i can mix with 4 decks.. my question is wat do you guys think is one of the better 4 channel mixers out there??

    i was thinking of getting a korg zero 4 because of all the fx and it would look so pretty sitting next to 2 eks "otti"

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    i'm with you on the zero4, but really, there are quite a few out there. just remember, you GET what you PAY for. price really does matter in this.
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    dude, there is heaps and heaps of options for quality mixers out there. the best thing to do would be to figure out wat you want in the mixer first, FX, Sends, 3 or 4 band EQ, Aux inputs etc.

    narrow your list down to a few and go and check out StoreDJ or DJWarehouse in Melbourne and see which one catches your fancy

    theres Allen & Heath, Ecler, Pioneer, Urie or even Vestax or Korg

    there is tons of options and NONE of them are the best. best for you maybe or best for the next guy. but never the best

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    I've tried a heap of mixers Ecler, Pioneer, Rane, Numark, Vestax, Stanton but by far my favourite has to be the Allen & Heath, they just work for me, every things solid and easily acessable. The knobs don't fly off (huhmm pioneer) the filters are easy to use and they just sound great, my only gripe would be the positioning of the fader assign buttons being to close to the vertical faders and getting knocked, but in saying that I was talking to the rep over here in NZ and he said that A & H will actually custom build you a mixer for a price of course.

    But yeah go into a store and have a spin on the different mixers available thats the best way to decide what to buy.

    To be honest my favourite mixer is a piece of shit Numark three channel jobbie cheap as but it has lasted the test of time and it has some basic features that make it stand out, I mean 3 Band kill switches how many mixers can you find with kills these days, an eceptionally good headphone PFL blend and the best of all the phono/line switch is just above the vertical fader which was fantastic for an instantaneous kill of the track you were playing.

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