Genre Mix Train Anyone???
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    Default Genre Mix Train Anyone???

    So I'm not sure if people already do this but I thought it would be pretty cool to do a mix train where everyone takes a different genre and does that for their part of the train. Just think it would be a cool way to put together a mix train so if anyone is interested just post what genre you would want to do and maybe we can get something together. Maybe leave a url to a mix you've done in the past too.
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    Hey i would really enjoy this, i'm a fan of doing mixes and shit, i work with Ableton and i get really creative with the transitions!

    I would do any genre of EDM (but handsup & trance, i don't really like that high BPM shit), Hip-hop, trap, dance, pop, whatever...

    here's a mix i've done before:

    it's full of mashups made right there on the fly while i was thinking of what song to play next, i even dropped some kid cudi in there! hear it and tell me if you like itt

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