APC40 vs Traktor S2 for DJing
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    Default APC40 vs Traktor S2 for DJing

    So I currently have a APC40 and I want to start getting into DJ'ing. I've used multiple APC mappings for DJing but for some reason, I just don't feel comfortable with it and have a really bad work flow seeing how Ableton is so open. I feel like if I got a S2, it would help guide me and be more narrow with the flow of my work and the fact it has jog wheels to help me with que points. So what I'm trying to get here is, should I just keep working with my APC and work out my problems and use my money towards a Maschine or some sort? Or go with the S2 and have everything be a hell of a lot easier, and plus I would be able to get my eyes out of Ableton for once.

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    The S2 will definitely be a lot better for DJing, but if you like producing much more than DJing, it may not be worth it to get the S2 as opposed to the maschine.

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    I would rather go for a Maschine than an S2.

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    I was in the exact same situation a year ago.

    I had an APC40 and was looking for a good DJ controller to set me on the right path. The S2 is a great controller, and is definatly the answer to your question. The construction is great and the controller is first class! Love it to pieces, you will too ! I highly recommend it !
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