New Midi Fighter with knobs?
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    Default New Midi Fighter with knobs?

    Hey everyone,
    Long winded question, but here it goes. I am in the market for a compact, dedicated knob controller. To give you an idea, I would love to find something similar to the novation nocturn. I loved the concept of the nocturn, but found that it was of really poor build quality. In my continuing quest for knobbage, I discovered FaderFox. I have heard nothing but good things about their controllers so far, and am very interested in buying one. However, they seem to be extremely rare in the U.S. Not that this would stop me from purchasing one, but the hassle of hunting down a FaderFox and paying the extra cash for international shipping made me think of something I felt the need to share.

    Which brings me to my actual question/statement:

    Will a Midi Fighter with 4-8 encoders, and multiple pages, ever be made? Also, how does everyone feel about this idea? Would they find use for what is basically a Novation Nocturn designed and built by DJTT? I know I sure as heck would.
    Thanks for Reading,

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    Don't know about new MF but with CMD DC-1 you can accomplish all of that in Traktor.

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