Using my Audio10 Soundcard to play iTunes/Youtube from Mac
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    Default Using my Audio10 Soundcard to play iTunes/Youtube from Mac

    Is it possible to use my Audio10 (that came with traktor) as a soundcard to have my music play out of my monitors (that are connected via XLR to my DJ mixer) from itunes/youtube on my MacBook? At the moment I have a phono to TRS lead split into two, one connection in each TRS input of my monitor and both RCA ends going into an rca to minijack adapter, and then into thr headphone input of my macbook....

    This just feels SO wrong and dodgey.... (Im also using this same way when i use logic, to make music, i have the same set up, all into a minijack adapter, into the headphone input of my iMac.

    Is there a way to just connect a lead somehow somewhere that i can get my laptop music playing out of my speakers, volume controlled by either my laptop volume buttons or mixer upfaders.

    REALLY need to get this sorted.

    Many thanks.

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    I cba to read your story but have you tried just selecting the A10 in System Preferences?

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