Traktor Scratch + Ableton Live controlled by vinyl or cd
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    Default Traktor Scratch + Ableton Live controlled by vinyl or cd

    Hi guys,

    As you can see this is my first post on DJTT and after lots of tutorials and tests, I just wanted to try to find a solution to my problems...

    I'm trying to use traktor scratch controlled by timecode cd or vinyls and Ableton live at the same time so that I can use lots of vst for efx etc...I just found a first solution using audio8 routing out 12 and out 34 inside in 56 and in 78...In Ableton I select audio8 as audio device and 2 chanels with in 56 in 78 and out 56 out 78...In this way I connect to the mixer my out 56 (Deck A) and out 78 (Deck B) and everything is working but I have 2,23 db attenuation, so the question there a way to send signal from out 12 (and 34) to in 56 (and 78) internally without rca cable connections?? I don't know if possible with some software or particular drivers...


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    You can use Soundflower (OSX) or Asio4All/Virtual Audio Cable (Windows) to reroute internally, but using any internal method like that you're out of luck with timecode since it forces you to select Soundflower/Asio as your soundcard, which disables timecode (since it's not an NI card driver, specifically). If your concern with your current setup is attenuation you could always boost the gain on the channels in Ableton, but this setup will probably give you latency issues as well.

    Your best bet using timecode would be to use the send/return on your mixer to get your audio into ableton (send output to Audio 8 input into Ableton, out of Ableton to A8 outputs and back into the return on the mixer).

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