sad day...FS: vci 100 se, NI audio kontrol 1 sound card + more
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    Default sad day...FS: vci 100 se, NI audio kontrol 1 sound card + more

    today is a very sad day

    due to unforeseen circumstance i have to sell my beloved vci 100 se (bought new from DJTT itself, the latest model they have on offer, without arcade buttons), my NI audio kontrol 1 sound card, and potentially my home made diy midi arcade controller. i am so sad i have to do it but needs must as they say!

    all the stuff is in great condition; couldnt be any better. the vci 100se is AMAZING and the soundcard is great for a small time user, the quality etc is great and i have no latency issues at all.

    i only want to sell to the uk to keep things simple, so any UK people let me know if your interested!

    im looking for 430 + p&p for the vci, and 150 + p&p for the NI audio kontrol 1.

    as for the arcade controller make me an offer. its worth it, even just for the parts (theres 16 arcade buttons and a UMC 32 for starters)

    post here or PM me - stuff will probably go on ebay later if there's no interest here!

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    How much for the umc mate?? Just bought one from USA and got tortured on postage and may well need to add a second for my project. PM me if you'd rather keep it off the forum.

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    Sorry to hear man. Good luck
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