Trying to use maschine to sample off traktor scratch pro
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    Default Trying to use maschine to sample off traktor scratch pro

    Ok So here is my problem. i posted on a few other forums and noone responded so im to the conclusion noone understands what im talking about.
    this is my first post on the forum and already feel at home.
    what im trying to do is sample clips to load into the f1 from maschine after editing and cutting the samples up.
    my maschine and traktor f1s are all plugged in correctly. when i look at the maschine screen i see the sound levels bouncing on the meter gauge.
    i hit the start button to start the sample and end to end it etc etc. when i hit the pad i assigned the sample to all i get is the humming noise but no sound i sampled.
    is it possible to sample in traktor via mashine?
    am i suppose to run another kind of software to record?
    i looked on youtube and i even read the manual i cant find a video that explains what im trying to do

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    Welcome, not completely sure i get what your asking but i'll have a stab...

    short answer, yes it is possible to sample from maschine in traktor, not really 'VIA' though

    most simple way is to move sampled audio within maschine to a traktor remix deck... have them both open and then click the little drag audio/midi cross within maschine when you have highlighted the pattern you wish to move over

    or you could have the output of maschine standalone running as an audio input into a traktor 'live input' deck, then you can sample via the remix deck capture or loop recorder, only prob here is that you probably want to sync the bpms and phase somehow which can be a pain

    you could also have the output of traktor as the input of maschine via audio routing, can be nice to use traktor to time stretch stuff

    if you are using maschine for production type stuff check out, loads of useful info there

    if you are trying to use maschine live alongside traktor check out

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