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    Hey all:

    You can see the setup I use in the photos: an X1 with 6 blue Chroma Caps (and an Audio 6). I recently swapped the 2 black stock knobs located at the top (DRY/WET) for 2 black Chroma Caps. I'm not really satisfied with the aesthetics. I plan on waiting until DJTT releases the glow in the dark knobs (GITDKs) before I make another purchase, but in the meantime I'd like to speculate as to what color I should choose for my DRY/WET knobs: red or neon orange. If any of you have gear with red or neon orange knobs, please upload them! There are a few decent pictures of the neon orange knobs on DJTT, but I haven't seen many good ones of the red. What color would best fit aesthetically? Thanks in advance for your photos/thoughts.
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