Vinyl alongside S4/VCI 400
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    Default Vinyl alongside S4/VCI 400

    So, I've got the itch to get an all in one controller. I'm still debating between the S4 and VCI 400. I'm coming from a vinyl background, but was robbed of all my gear except one of my 1200's. I'd like to play vinyl alongside a controller. Is the set up possible? What problems will I run into? Which controller is more ideal for my situation? I don't scratch and I really prefer the lay out of the VCI 400. It just seems more traditional.

    I wish the NS 7 was 3 channels as that would probably be my ideal controller.

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    this set up should work fine, i used it for a while as well. One thing to note about the vci 400 is that it can't use turntables unless your turntable has a line out (like that stanton str8). I think internally grounding your 1200s should work as well. Overall I would say the 400 is better built and has a more solid feel that the s4 (especially if your switching from a good analogue mixer). That being said, they're both great controllers. I hope that helps!
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