storing and transporting your krk
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    Default storing and transporting your krk

    I always wondered what a good way was to store your krk, or to take out to gigs for booth speakers. Well i found a arriba bag perfect for my krk rokit 5. Might work also for the rokit 6. The arriba ac-115 might be hopeful for some ppl. Bag is very sturdy of course, coming from arriba, has nice padding, small n light weight. Perfect as i just bring a backpack with my controller, n laptop with me. I'll post pics later so everyone can see.

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    i don't think i would ever take my monitors out of my studio.

    in fact, it's funny because i had a dream that i took a gig where i brought my rokit 8s and the manager of the place (which was a very small outdoor grass lot next to a busted convenient store) moved the krk's and broke the entire speaker loose...then he was removing the cone from the other one and running some kind of test equipment on it to make sure it was suitable. i got so angry i picked up a bunch of dr pepper 6 packs and start hulk smashing them everywhere causing car wrecks on the road, and did the same thing with a 6 pack of beer which exploded in a fit of glorious amber liquid which adorned everything in site. the manager looked at me with a stern focus and i said..."it wasn't me."
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