NAMM Question for anyone with experience
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    Default NAMM Question for anyone with experience

    Hey guys, I just found out that Seymour Duncan hooked me up with a pass for the NAMM show this year.

    However, its a yellow visitor pass and I'm not going to be 18 til a few months after the show. I'm wondering if anyone has any idea if this will be a problem.

    I know that people with yellow passes can't bring anyone under 18 with them, but I have my own pass. Also, registered NAMM members ARE allowed to bring those under 18, and I'm pretty sure Seymour is a registered member.

    Anyways, if anyone has any info on whether or not I will have trouble when getting my badge, insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    it shouldnt really be a problem, the whole under 18 is really a rule for young kids and being around music gear.
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