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    Hey Guys, just a quick Q about my controller, I m just using the imix mk2 and i know the different between that and the original Imix is that it has its own built in soundcard, now other than that are the layout of the keys and knobs the same? And Also, what dj program should a beginner like me start out with, seems like the deckadance LE that comes with it is very very basic, sorry for being ignorant!


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    Traktor pro 2 is one of the best dj software other than that probably serato DJ, virtual DJ or MIXX
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    To be fair, I don't think there's any point in upgrading your software right now. I just checked the LE feature list, and it provides more than enough to keep you going for a really long time. I use TP2, but basically everything I do with it seems to be supported by Deckadance LE. The interface is looking pretty decent too.

    You really don't need 4 decks, advanced effects, remix decks, loop recorder, flux mode, and all that other stuff, to deliver a great set. What makes one a good DJ is being able to rock a crowd with nothing more than choosing the right tracks, mixing them properly at the right moment, using nothing more than good old fashioned EQ'ing or filtering and volume fader rocking. When feeling adventurous, add in a little cue point sampling/juggling.
    It's probably a cliché by now, but that really is 95% of what DJ'ing is all about. The host of extra features the more advanced software offers will NOT improve your set if you don't control the basics perfectly well. On the contrary, they will only make it worse, probably without you realising.

    If you really want to invest some money, make sure your audio hardware is okay. Buy a proper pair of headphones (check google and this board), and maybe a better soundcard if needed (I don't know the imix 2, might as well have a stellar sound interface included, just check it). And of course, buy proper tunes!
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