Hi everyone,

I am very new to Dj'ing and Im looking to do this as a hobby, I'm in my 40's love playing and sharing my music so I will be just playing parties that we attend, we have a great circle of like minded friends.

I have a Traktor S4 and one F1.

My question is about keeping stuff in sync between my desktop where I will do most of my prepping work and where I hold my library which is about 200 GB of tunes. I would like to do all the cueing and beat gridding on the desktop as its a very powerful machine, this holds ALL my music in itunes with playlists ect.

I want to then copy the tunes to the laptop and use this at the venue.

My questions are this,

1. can I just organise the music in Traktor on the Desktop then copy the Traktor folders to the laptop? If so does this transfer the actual music files and gridding and cues etc to the laptop without having to get the same tunes in itunes?

2. If I make changes out with the laptop can I then copy the folders back to the Desktop (obviously without making any changes to the desktop in the meantime)

3. Which are the actual folders to copy to ensure Ive got all the data.

Thanks, I did try searching but couldnt find the right answers??