Fake Xone XD-20's
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    Default Fake Xone XD-20's

    Does anyone know if there are fake Xone XD-20's floating around on the market? I recently picked up a set from EBay, and I must say I am not overly impressed with the sound, specifically the low end frequencies. These retail in my area around $100 at stores, so I figured they should be some decent in ear phones for listening to music on the go. But I cant really tell much of a difference between these and other $20-$40 headphones.
    Could I have been taken???
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    Yes headphones are known to be very easily duped Pioneer HDJ-1000 Beats by Dre so on and so forth... I as a matter of fact got duped on a pair of HDJ 1000s off of ebay once to soon find out that they were made in china and sucked horribly.. Sorry to hear about your money losses!


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