NEW SONG electro house by 16 year old:)
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    Default NEW SONG electro house by 16 year old:)

    I would love some feedback, looking to get it signed to a label also.
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    I listened to your song on my macbook speakers. Here's my feedback, mostly written while listening.

    - I was tired of the initial drum patterns right when you started the first roll. Throughout I felt the drum programming and sound was somewhat stiff, if occasionally jacking. I feel this style of music calls for more drum edits throughout.

    - I found the progressive melody very cliche and didn't like the generic sounding epic lead synth.

    - I found the "hooo!" sample unpleasantly introed and then over-used. I think it was also too loud. There were some cases where the "hoo" edits sounded pretty cool, especially just before the last transition to the bass synth.

    - Of all the instruments I liked the bass synth the most.

    - I didn't like the plonky lead synth at the last breakdown either. Again, generic sounding.

    - The overall progression of instruments was also generic and lacking in subtlety. I felt that instruments were being switched without being introed or outroed. I thought that some of the builds were ok but most transitions left me underwhelmed. The overall structure was DJable, including a short and signaling-to-the-DJ-that-the-track-is-ending outro. The outro could have been twice as long to facilitate easier mix out.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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    It sounds similar to some 2008 electro. But work on drum fills and just making your song have more energy.

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