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    Quote Originally Posted by smittten View Post
    LOL (like a real one too)
    thank you thank Ill be here all week please tip your bartenders
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    Honestly I could very well see a gen 2 version of this tech, coupled with the "Stream from your Smartphone!!!" tech they've recently rolled out with the latest Pioneer gear being used together as some form of DJ Replacement in bars\clubs.

    Allow it to take requests from the audience, perhaps even set up some kind of voting system for what track gets played next, "BABY, pull your phone out and vote for the new Guetta\Calvin Harris\Pitbull\Rihanna Re-Mash so no more yucky "Techno" comes on!"

    Of course it won't replicate what a DJ actually does, but as time moves forward I'm realizing that there's a LARGE and GROWING contingent of clubbers that don't care what a DJ does. For that matter, they're kind of miffed by what a DJ does. "Why should this one guy up there get to pick what all of us have to listen to? I just want him to play MY jams."

    That attitude is really what's at the heart of all the recent "DJ-*** got kicked off the decks at VegMiamiUberClubO-Matic1749!" These places are a different kind of club which cater to a different type of clubber in a different type of world. The experience is about looking good, being seen, balling, bottle-service, clubbing to get good Facebook pictures, etc. This crowd doesn't care about being taken on a musical journey, they don't care about artistic integrity, breaking ground, etc. They want to hear big, formulaic, anthemy choons with vocals they know. They want accessible music like they hear on the radio, but bottle service too.

    And trust me, THAT crowd would be more than content to have an auto-dj that's content to play whatever trite BS gets voted to the top of its list.

    Thankfully there are still small sweaty rooms dropping real underground xit for real heads, and presumably will be for some time. The people that care won't be won over by gimmicks, and will continue to want the goods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllDay View Post
    LOL 16 bars, slide the crossfade over.. SICK MIX IN

    But seriously, both of those sounded out of time, and the actual groove difference in the second mix made me hurl slightly.

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