Help needed! ID3 tags gone [Mac]
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    Default Help needed! ID3 tags gone [Mac]

    I'm very OCD about my ID3 tags, as anyone should be. I don't know what happened or what I did on NYE, but almost 90% of my ID3 tags have been erased. I have a couple gigs coming up in the next two weeks & there is no way I can go through my collection song by song to re-tag everything.

    I can get my keys back with Mixed in Key, but my concern is the Genre & BPM (mainly genre). I searched the forum and tried Trainspotter, but for whatever reason most of my tracks are unable to be found? So I'm doing what I didn't want to do & that's going track by track.

    Beatport's API is available, so is there an application that I can load my collection & have it scan Beatport for my missing Genre/BPM tags (for Mac)? At the very least I'd love to have my genres back .. BPM can be done later.

    Thanks for any & all help!

    EDIT: Main gripe with Trainspotter is that it'll find a track in the 'Beatport Search Results' but in the 'Match Tracks in Beatport' window it won't display the track - not allowing me to update the ID3 info.
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