possibility of fx using signal routing programs with itch
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    Default possibility of fx using signal routing programs with itch

    Hope this the right spot for this, anyway..............

    i wanted to know if any one had tried to use routing programs like Soundflower Inter-application Audio Driver, or JackOSX 0.77: www.jackosx.com
    these programs allow you to route audio signal from one application to an other.

    so i was thinking using audio routing software send the singal from itch to another program .... like logic mainstage or ablenton and use my plugins/fx's then route the signal back into the vci-300 mixer

    i can see that each Chanel, left and right are there but iam struggling to get the signal flow right.

    if there's anyone out there who can help,... i think we can solve the fx problem!

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    Theres 3 examples of using audio routing programs in the FAQ

    I am pretty sure Itch is only capable of internally mixing so i don't think you would be able to route individual decks out to Ableton, you would need to use Traktor for that which supports routing out to individual channels. I am not even sure if you can get itch to pick a soundcard to use either - theres no options for it in any of the settings (i have the latest version) So i cant see that there is a way that you could pick to choose jack as the "soundcard" instead of the VCI-100. Keep us posted if you get things working, but i think the best way to do this would be to use Traktor instead, or perhaps SSL instead.

    Good luck !

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