Wireless headphones
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    Default Wireless headphones

    Has anyone tried using them, particularly in DJ booths at parties and such. I figure that using wireless headphones would make life easier because there is no hassle with cables (besides the power cable for the base station).

    Whats the word on wireless headphones

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    The most common wireless headphones operates via bluetooth, like the parrot ziks (works very good btw). And since there is no mixer with bluetooth on the market its not a ideal solution. Although you could perhaps find some adapter but i guess it would be a hassle.http://www.parrot.com/zik/usa/

    and unless you want to use something like sennheiser rs180 (made for home use, with a basestation that charges/sends the info to the phones).
    There is not really much to choose from. Although there is one model which i like, the akg http://headphones.productwiki.com/akg-k-840-kl/. It's just a on ear headphone which is quite small and portable but not really made to shut out enough db for letting you be able to mix in a club.

    Boiling this down.. a curled cord still is the best.
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    Bluetooth headphones would introduce additional latency to your monitoring.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lethal_pizzle View Post
    Bluetooth headphones would introduce additional latency to your monitoring.
    Exactly what I told a coworker the other day that was singing the praises of them, I can't see how they would be accurate. Would love to be proven wrong, as I need to get a new pair of headphones soon.

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