Sorry but im just really excited about this one.
Honestly i started looking elsewhere online to find them for sale. I REALLY need one and i remember a few people here on the threads asking about them.

They went OUT OF STOCK not long ago here on DJTT and i was getting desperate

With that in hand, i found someplace selling them online but i wasn't comfortable NOT getting them from DJTT.

So i decided, Hey, let me send DJTT a message, and see what happens. Because i noticed they didnt remove the Kontroller Bag listing from the DJTT store.
I got a message back from DJTT and I didnt want to lead any of their sales away if they were going back in short stock again anyway.

Well i am happy to say, they are BACK. A bit higher priced them before X-Mas but never the less, its from DJTT and its worth it!

I just ordered mine right now.
If you want one, dont hold out til your next paycheck.

I know how high the price is going to get on other stores online, and even higher abroad (across the pond)
and you are going to KICK yourself after tossing your S4 down the stairs if you see the hike.

Goto the DJTT store,
and get your Kontroller Bag
right now

This is a limited edition collaboration between DJ TechTools and Mono, a local Californian company that makes the highest quality DJ bags on the market. They have crafted the sexiest large controller bag possible. It fits the Native Instruments S4 perfectly and gently protects your investment from the rigors of the road. Supplies are very limited, so grab one while they're in stock!