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    so i have a project for school and i want to learn how to DJ and make dubstep or drum and base i really like this music but am extremely new to the creation and deejaying process. does anyone have any tips any gear i can get (200$ max) anyone/place that could help me, i live in Durham NC. thanks

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    When is your project due? It might be hard to learn dj and produce over the course of a few days.

    This is a free chrome app that is actually pretty might be a good way to introduce yourself to producing software:

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    You're not going to get a lot for that price but if you have a windows machine and you want to make music the best way to start would be with FL studio its one of the cheapest audio workstations. I don't use it i use ableton but FL studio is a good way to start
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    Finnom, what the two guys before me neglect to tell you (one did go there somewhat) is that while you can figure out basic building block skills to what you'll need, you won't be able to "learn" DJing and/or production in time for a school project. Barring the event that this is something you have a desire to learn even if it weren't for this project, your time and money might be beter spent interviewing people and doing research. You'll be able to compose a paper that is far more in depth, knowledgeable, and beneficial to the reader than picking up a program would be.

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