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    Just got a pair of CDJ 350's and a DJM 350. I have rekordbox and an external hd with music on it but only one. How can I connect my laptop to the other CDJ to access music?

    Thank you!

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    The 350's wont stream music from Rekordbox. This is why I sold them. You need 900's or above for this.

    I used Traktor to get the music out to the 350's, and mixed them as normal with the mixer. Either that, or you need 2 USB drives / hdd's. Just hook up your CDJ's via USB, and set them as controllers in Traktor. The mapping should then be applied. I used CDJ 400 mappings and they worked fine. But presumably there are proper 350 mappings available.
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    Yeah man... just use a couple USB thumb drives.
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