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    I just realized there are synonyms for basically everything, I was thinking "what shape is this?" (picture of a circle) which is as easy as it gets but even then you can say round, ball, sphere etc.

    Unless you put a picture of a circle and accept all those options as answers?

    What's the opposite of black?
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    can bots answer simple maths questions if they're in a picture format (ie. CAPTCHA type, text which can't be highlighted if you get me)

    Maybe I'm being a dufas...

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    I would like to avoid using a picture, i would prefer to use a text question.
    I am still trying to think of a really super easy question that anyone can easily answer - much easier said than done !

    Edit: The newest question is now "What letter comes after the letter B in the alphabet?"
    I think that should be easier to answer for non-english speakers and hopefully the bots wont get though that one
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    i recently joined a forum (may have been djforums) that used a question like this:

    "what is the second word in this phrase: 'i like big butts and i cannot lie'?"

    (that was not the phrase used, btw. the one used was jibberish words) / /
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