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    Default LIVE performance methods

    hey all,

    so ive been playing (djing) alot lately on pioneers with traktor or USB, but i was wondering if i could get some clarity on a thought.

    i know alot of producers have their live shows and their dj sets. of those that use an APC40 and LIVE to do their live performances -- does anyone know any good tutorials on how to set up your live session to be ready to play live, add in racks, use send and returns, or whatever else it is?

    im sure i could do it all myself with my knowledge of LIVE now, but i just dont know the way people are doing it or what works well.

    i watched that interview with Grammatik on the home page and what he (briefly) described he does is how i would like to perform as well, but im not sure where i can get good info on how he (or others who use a similar setup) actually set up their live session.

    many thanks.

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    check out ill.gates. he has some templates you can buy and some tutorials you can watch:

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