Is online radio going to work for promotion in 2013?
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    Default Is online radio going to work for promotion in 2013?

    Hello Tech Tools Djs.

    My question for all of you: is it worth to start an online radio in 2013 with all the alternatives for promotion and engaging with others that are out there, mostly social (ex. soundcloud, mixcloud, etc.)
    I see online radios like frisky, Proton, Digitally Imported are still here (well, they are because they're at the top).

    What do you think?

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    hard to get on top with an online station radio these days i would say. with soundcloud, mixcloud etc ppl dont have to listen to radio stations to hear dj sets if they want to. the only place where i listen to the radio is in the car, and i've never heard of cars that can receive online radio...
    unless you bring something totally new to the game it is quite difficult to get listeners...
    maybe start doing weekly podcasts or something like that, might draw more attention and the ability to download something is always good!
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    Podcasts like Going Quantum?

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